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Made with love for and from the Outer Hebrides

About us? We would much rather talk about the spectacular Outer Hebrides, but here is a little bit About us. Dancing Flower Crafts was born from a passion for creativity lead by inspiration from the natural world. Our Home is the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

The Outer Hebrides is a magical place; it is wild, rich in wildlife, culture and history, breathtaking landscapes, peace and tranquillity, and there’s no place on earth like it. It is inspiring, challenging, wonderful and part of us.

We are not originally from the Outer Hebrides, but have had an affinity with it for as long as I remember. After studying Countryside management at college and University, I gradually started moving Northwards. For a number of years, in between work and study, I spent my time volunteering. Projects I worked on included on a Red Deer research project on the Isle of Rum, A few weeks on St.Kilda on the Soay Sheep project, and then on the other side of the world on sustainability projects in Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. 

When I returned to the UK, I worked as a conservation ranger and Community ranger in the forests of Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Aberdeenshire. Then after a few years living in the Cairngorms, we finally made the move. The Islands were always calling, It was like a magnetic pull.

My love of the outdoors is the source of my inspiration for my craft designs. I design and make all my own crafts, and I rarely make more than one of an item. Harris Tweed® is much more than a cloth, it is steeped in history and every fibre is part of the Hebrides. 

We are very mindful of environmental issues and where ever we can we do not use single use plastic, wrap our products in recycled materials, use biodegradable postage bags and we use as many locally sourced materials as we can.

We have two little Westies who love nothing more than running at full speed across the beaches of the Hebride

Dean and Emily
Emily holmes

Designer and maker

Dean Holmes

Fleece Carder extraordinaire


support crew


support crew

inspired by Nature, heritage and culture