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Welcome to Dancing Flower Crafts Blog

Where it all began

Failte, Welcome to Dancing Flower Crafts Blog and website. I have always loved sewing, and using different fabrics, fibres and textures. A passion for the environment and wildlife has always been as important as creativity. 

My idea for Dancing Flower Crafts started a few years ago, but for one reason or another it just remained as a dream. Crafting continued, but just dabbling. I made a few things, not finishing many of them. Cake decorating caught my imagination for a while, but ended quickly as I didn’t like eating cake. So I carried on experimenting with different fabrics and fibres and colours. Gradually I started making things for friends and family, learning how to turn what gave me inspiration in to different items. As my obsession with creativity developed, I wanted to make things that were not only nice to look at, but could be used, and were well made and built to last.

Trips to the Outer Hebrides made my love of Harris Tweed and the Outer Hebrides get more of an obsession and after many years dreaming about making the move,  we finally did it.

The spectacular Isle of Lewis is where we call home. Wild, welcoming, inspiring, beautiful, dramatic and Unique Outer Hebrides. It is a constant source of inspiration….and we just happen to live very close to some fantastic Harris Tweed Weavers. Rather than choosing a nice Harris Tweed online, I can indulge my love of this amazing cloth by visiting the weavers in person to choose the next Harris Tweed for my projects.

Crafting in the outer hebrides

Through Dancing Flower Crafts Blog we will share our experiences in the Outer Hebrides. The spectacular landscapes, wildlife, and people. 

The Outer Hebrides constantly inspires, challenges, and surprises you, and Dancing Flower Crafts would like to share our experiences with, hopefully inspire you, and to do our tiny bit to show just how important the heritage of Harris Tweed is.

Crofting is such a crucial way of life in the Hebrides. We will share with you how spectacular the landscapes and wildlife living on these crofts are. We will also be using some of the fleece from the sheep on the crofts to make some beautiful and unique crafts.

Harris Tweed embroidery

We hope you enjoy our blog, and our crafts.

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We're so sorry that our online shop is out of stock. It's a really busy summer season on the Isle of Lewis and I have to sew enough Harris Tweed loveliness to stock my wee shop in Carloway.
I am making new items every day which are available in my shop, but unfortunately this means I'm unable to restock my online shop at the moment.
Feel free to contact me if you are interested in something I post on Facebook or instagram.
All being well I will begin to add to my online shop from September onwards.
I will send out a newsletter update once this happens, so please sign up for our newsletter, or keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
Apologies once again,
Emily, Dancing Flower Crafts

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